Reading BootCamp, LLC.

We provide private, specialized and individual tutoring and testing for children with dyslexia, ADHD or other learning disabilities for reading, writing or math.  We focus on multi-sensory, explicit and systematic learning with clinically proven protocols such as the Barton Reading & Spelling Program, an Orton-Gillingham based system. The Barton Program is an intense intervention for all ages that is customized for individual needs and pace to provide foundational building blocks to develop reading and spelling skills.


  1. How long are the tutoring sessions? Tutoring sessions are 50 minutes of instruction, and 10 minutes for transition or break.
  2. How many days should my student get tutored in a week? The clinical recommendation is 2 sessions, 1 hour each, per week. You will see the quickest progress when the student is tutored 2-3 times per week.  Consistency in attendance is critical to achieve educational growth.
  3. How do I schedule and pay for the classes?  After your initial consultation, you will be given access to our web based calendar and payment system.
  4. What if I want to have someone else pick up my child?  Please notify your tutor directly when there are any changes regarding who will be picking up your student.  Your student’s safety and security is critical!
  5. Can Reading BootCamp do an evaluation of my child to determine if he/she has dyslexia and/or a learning disability? Yes, Cindy Thompson, our certified and licensed school psychologist, is available to provide full evaluations for specific learning disabilities within the areas of reading, math, written expression, dyslexia and screenings for ADHD.
  6. Do you only teach students who have been diagnosed with dyslexia and/or a learning disability?  No, we can teach any motivated student how to read using this system.  
  7. Do you just teach phonics?  The Barton Reading & Spelling System goes much farther than any other Orton-Gillingham System.  Instead of stopping at a 7th grade level, our system takes a student to at least the mid-ninth grade level.  Along the way, in addition to teaching reading and spelling, we teach prosody and grammar, and work to improve their reading fluency and grow their vocabulary by teaching morphology.
  8. What are your procedures for ending tutoring?  Once your child gets through all 10 Barton books, your child will be reading at the mid-ninth grade reading level.  That is the ultimate goal of this program.  However, if you plan to discontinue services before then, please provide one week written notice so your tutor can wrap things up with the student and provide you with documentation for his next tutor.
  9. What if we can’t make it to a scheduled tutoring session?  If an emergency occurs, please call your tutor directly in advance, as soon as possible.  There are no refunds for missed or cancelled appointments.  Make-up sessions will be offered for missed appointments where some advance notice was given.  Excessive cancellations, without make-up sessions, may result in the termination of services for your student.
  10. How will I get information on the progress of my child?  We are available to the parents of a student for a professional consultation at no charge, for discussions up to 10 minutes.  Please let us know at the beginning of a session that you would like to meet with the tutor, so that they can end the tutoring session early enough to consult with you.  If more time is needed, we would be happy to set up an appointment with you and would charge the hourly tutoring rate for that time.
  11. How do we get scheduled for the summer?  Please submit your preferred days and times for the summer by May 1st. We will try to accommodate everyone as best as possible. Summer students will have priority for the school year.
  12. Do you do advocacy work, attend IEP, RTI, or 504 meetings, or assist with homework? No.
  13. Would you consult with my child’s teachers or other extended relatives Yes, by special arrangement and for a fee.