Reading BootCamp, LLC.

We provide private, specialized and individual tutoring and testing for children with dyslexia, ADHD or other learning disabilities for reading, writing or math.  We focus on multi-sensory, explicit and systematic learning with clinically proven protocols such as the Barton Reading & Spelling Program, an Orton-Gillingham based system. The Barton Program is an intense intervention for all ages that is customized for individual needs and pace to provide foundational building blocks to develop reading and spelling skills.

Success stories

Dayne, 2nd grade

Dayne’s mother recognized he was not thriving at school and giving up because of his poor reading and writing skills. In an effort to get Dayne turned around as quickly as possible, regain his interest in school and learning, his mother signed him up for private tutoring. We worked together for one hour per week at the beginning of the school year. By December, during the Holiday break, when Dayne’s grandmother asked him how his reading was coming along – he replied with a big smile, and said – my tutor is teaching me the secret code of reading!

Carter, 1st grade

Carter, at the young age of 7, had already begun losing interest in school because reading was such a challenge for him. During the summer break after 1st grade, Carter began an accelerated tutoring program with two, one hour, sessions per week. Within a few weeks, Carter began to light up and told his mom, "I can read now!"

Nathan, Kindergarten

Nathan struggled with making the connection between speech sounds and their letter graphemes, which made him resort to guessing every word when trying to read.  So,  mid-year, in Kindergarten, Nathan began individual tutoring using the Barton program. This program gave Nathan the amount of repetition he needed to strengthen his brain connections, ultimately teaching him how to read and write. After achieving one really difficult exercise, I praised him by saying, “Way to go, your brain just grew bigger!” – he turned his head with a huge smile, and put his hands on his head, to see if he could feel that his brain had grown!

Twin boys, 1st grade

Since the age of three, these twin boys worked with a speech pathologist due to poor articulation skills. Then, because of additional learning difficulties, one of the twins began individual tutoring using the Barton program. Within the first month, the speech teacher had noticed how much his speech skills had improved and also become so much better than his twin. Moving forward, both of the twins began receiving individual tutoring.

Kaitlyn, 2nd grade

After Kaitlyn scored below the 1st percentile in second grade reading, she was diagnosed with dyslexia. She began private individual tutoring, two hours per week, using the Barton program. Within seven months, she was retested and ranked in the 50th percentile for her age. We were so excited, encouraged and thrilled!

Julia, 5th grade

Julia was 10 years old and could only read five pre-primer words.  She was intelligent and very articulate but could not break the reading code.  For two months we worked hard and it seemed like we weren’t making much progress however, at month three, something clicked!  Her mother called crying and said her daughter read to her for the very first time.  She was so encouraged and I was hooked on the benefits of the Barton program!