Reading BootCamp, LLC.

We provide private, specialized and individual tutoring and testing for children with dyslexia, ADHD or other learning disabilities for reading, writing or math.  We focus on multi-sensory, explicit and systematic learning with clinically proven protocols such as the Barton Reading & Spelling Program, an Orton-Gillingham based system. The Barton Program is an intense intervention for all ages that is customized for individual needs and pace to provide foundational building blocks to develop reading and spelling skills.

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Our Story:

Kristin Pease, ELL Teacher at Ridgewood Elementary School in Hilliard, Ohio, began using the Barton Reading & Spelling System for several of her students in January 2015. She was seeing such incredible growth compared to the current program the school was using, that in September she decided to use it for all of her ELL students, as well as one private tutor student. Of the three main risk factors for reading failure (ELL, low SES, and dyslexia), seven had one risk factor, five had two risk factors, and two had three risk factors. Even with these risk factors, Kristin saw amazing improvement. She decided that every student should have access to the resources they need to improve literacy, so she created the URA Reader program. We are now striving to bring this program to the most at risk populations in Columbus, OH.

Increasing literacy:

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Our Program:

-Highest quality literacy programs- Barton and Letterland

-One-on-one with trained volunteers

-Two hours per week

-Multisensory and explicit reading, spelling, syntax, and prosody.

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Manage Risk Factors:

Risk factors decrease a student’s ability to learn in a typical classroom by 10% per risk factor. In a typical classroom, these students would be expected to grow less than the average student. However, when these students were taught using the U.R.A. Reader program, their growth over a 6-month period was much higher.

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School Responsibility:


-Select up to 30 students (1st-3rd)

-Provide space for student pull-out

-Communication of testing data


Join Our Team:

We are always in need of volunteers to tutor students one- on-one. Contact us to get your background check and sign up for a training session.


Bring the U.R.A. Reader program to your school! We are happy to give a presentation to your staff and set up an agreement with your district. Contact us to learn more about how becoming a partner school can help your neediest students learn to read.

Our Supporters:

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Contact us: 

Emily Book
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Kristin Pease
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